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[REVIEW] Good Shoes @ Dingwalls 21/04/10 Gig Review by wearesme

On a pleasant Wednesday evening, the oddly named ‘Dingwalls’ in Camden played host to ‘Good Shoes’ with support from ‘Is Tropical’ and our pals ‘Loose Talk Costs Lives’.

Set alongside the famous Camden Lock, the venue was perfect. Spacious, yet still intimate and oweing to the tiered flooring, your view is never going to be obscured by that 6 footer with an afro at this venue.

Loose Talk Cost Lives, who have recently finished recording their EP in sunny Eastbourne, kicked things off just before 8pm.
Playing to an ever increasing crowd, the angular pop quartet, from left to right; Liam Klimek (Bass) James Rapson (Guitar/Vocals) , Oliver Route (Guitar) and Greg Round (Drums), opened with the track ‘Family Portrait’.

They played effortlessly through a series of infectious high tempo pop rifts, notably ‘Disco Pigs’, given a unique twist with Rapson’s edgy vocals.
Songs like ‘Some Nice Flowers’ and ‘Her Art Is Quite Useless’ had the crowd swaying blissfully with cider in hand, much like Loose Talk’s mellow presence on stage.
The addition of another guitarists this year in Ollie Route has really given them another dimension.
Finishing with ‘Wreck Ashore’ they left the crowd bubbling and enthusiastic for more. The perfect opener for what promised to be a fun night.

Is Topical stepped out leaving Loose Talk alone in the backstage room (no bigger than a toilet cubicle), with only their KFC family buckets and a faulty 12″ television for company.

With Bandana’s eerily covering all but their eyes and a projector beaming images of a tropical paradise behind, you cant blame us for being slightly bemused.
Out initial feeling of fear (bandanas are never a reassuring sight) soon became excitement as Is Tropical came out all guns blazing with ‘Seasick Mutiny’; an intense basey number with few vocals. We were taken aback by the stomping electronic bass and heavy pounding drums, and eager to hear what else was in store.
They followed it with softer indie rock melodies like ‘I Think Were Alone’ and debut single ‘When O’ When’ and it became clear that with every song sounding different to the last, this rebellious bunch are not going to be tied down to a genre. The bandana’s should have been a give away…

Their complex rock, and edgy weirdness was surprisingly endearing and left SME very impressed. Look out for these guys in 2010.

Queue Rhys Jones, Steve Leach, Tom Jones and Will Church; Good Shoes.

Rhys, doning one of Is Tropical’s T-Shirts featuring an erupting volcano (how relevant!), was as lively and energetic as ever. Up to his stage diving antics once more, he brought the crowd to the boil with several audience members unable to contain themselves, taking to the stage before launching themselves back off it.

Fresh from a recent European tour and making their first UK appearance this year, they were on top form. Looking like a band that meant business, they belted out song after song both old and new, with no time wasted stopping for a breather. Crowd favourites such as ‘Morden’ and ‘Ice Age’ were complimented by new tracks such as ‘City By The Sea’ and new single ‘The Way My Heart Beats’.

And so, with every song came a new Good Shoes enthusiast taking to the stage for their 5 seconds of fame. Sadly, the majority were sweaty middle aged men, one choosing to bare his chest. Never a pleasant sight.

Scheduled to finish before 11 but they played on and even started taking requests.

And with the last song of the night, ‘Under Control’, the crowd erupted like an infamous Icelandic volcano. Ambushing the stage, the band could not be seen amongst the hoards of fans and yet still they managed to play out the whole song in style!

This was a great gig in a cool venue and SME were very impressed, not only with Good Shoes who never fail to put on a great show, but with both support acts who were the perfect warm up. Boom!

To listen to more of Loose Talk Cost Lives, Is Tropical and Good Shoes, check out their Myspace pages below.


Photos below courtesy of Adam Reay.


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