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April 27, 2010, 9:29 am
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Romain Gavras is a genius.

The 28 year old French director is a co-founder of Kourtrajmé, a 136-member art and filmmaking collective in Paris that ‘incorporates hip-hop and graffiti sensibilities into stylish music videos and socially conscious documentaries’.

He became well known after directing the video for the Justice song “Stress”. The short film (below) depicts a leather-jacketed gang roaming the streets of Paris, snatching purses, vandalizing cars, smashing tourists’ cameras, and assaulting innocent bystanders while a film crew capture onlookers’ expressions. Its scarily realistic but rest assured its just an amazing piece of film.

And so he does it again…

This time he has been called upon by M.I.A to direct the video of her comeback-single “Born Again”
The fruit of his labor is an intense nine minute-clip filled with explicit, violent, graphic, politically-charged images. At times very graphic and disturbing, it’s not one for the feint hearted but will grip you from the start.
There is real tension and emotion throughout, only fueled by the song. A sample of ‘Ghost Rider’ by Suicide the song is a lot more rocky than M.I.A’s previous material, full of drum and cymbal but still with that distinctive South London voice rapping over it.

The video has since been removed from Youtube, deemed to graphic and a breach of their regulations but you can still see it here.

We wont ruin the plot, just sit back and enjoy.


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I have to disagree with the plaudits this guy is receiving for this video. There is nothing good about it? Don’t think for one second that I am a Daily Mail reading, violence hating prat, but this video is just pointless? It’s violent for the sake of being shocking rather than telling a story.

Comment by kevin

I don’t know what is genius about this director? The plot is absolutely pointless and the sex scene was unnecessary. I can barely hear the artist and thank god for that. The woman sounds as bad as she looks. Music videos should relate to the song in some way…

Comment by Rachel

[…] MIA’s video for Born Free […]

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