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New Michael Jackson Album – “Michael” surrounded by controversy by wearesme

It’s been a little over a year since the ‘King of Pop’ left this world in dramatic circumstances but already his first posthumous album – “Michael” – of unreleased tracks is to be released on 14th December via Sony.

It comes with all the hulabaloo you’d expect from a Jacko release but not all for positive reasons. It turns out his ol’ dear, Katherine, is claiming that some of the tracks on the new album are in fact fakes. She believes that the tracks which were recorded in 2007 have been tampered with by the Cascio family – whom he was living with whilst in New Jersey.

Alongside this his dad, Joe Jackson, and his two children Paris and Prince are adamant that the voice being heard on some of the tracks is not the recognizable one of their fathers…JEEZ.

The first track off the album causing all the commotion, titled “Breaking News” has been released for free stream today. You can listen to it below.

Jackson (or is it?) makes reference to himself by name on several occasions and seemingly makes reference to his own resurrection…pretty spooky.

SME aren’t sure. Have a little listen and make your own mind up.



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