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After dossing around (culturally) in Boston during the festive period, SME realized there was more to the historic city than Marky Mark and epic St Paddy’s day celebrations. Whilst on one of our daily back-seat-of-the-car city tours we were introduced to a fella by the name of Johnny Cupcakes.

Anyone whose surname is related to a baked desert is a legend in our books* – SME were hooked from there. Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing brand, which began as a t-shirt line and was founded in 2001 in Massachusetts.

Mr Cupcakes

The brand’s logo is skull and crossbones, with a cupcake silhouette replacing the skull; the cupcake being a recurring theme within the graphics on the clothing, often replacing recognizable images from pop culture.

Johnny’s boutique stores are known for recreating classic bakery themes, so when SME heard a flagship was opening on London’s Carnaby Street, we were on a next hype – and by the look of the photo’s from it’s opening event on the weekend , so were most of London!

In the 10 years since its inception, Johnny has amassed a world-wide cult following due to his mantra of inclusiveness of customers, ethics on social responsibility and quite simply, the bad-man garms he creates – many of the designs being exclusive one-offs.

Johnny's Entourage - Carnaby Street, London

SME are now Johnny disciples and we’re pretty sure the entourage will be too.

*His real surname is in fact, Earle; though SME think he should legally change it to ‘Cupcakes’.

London flagship: 10 Fouberts Place , Carnaby Street, London http://www.johnnycupcakes.com/blog/

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[SNAPS] Lady Gaga arrives at Grammy Awards in a Coffin before changing into a giant EGG by wearesme

SME think it’s safe to say that we will never again write such a bizarre post title as the one above. And no, this isn’t a wind up. It is in fact just an average Sunday evening for Lady Gaga.

First she arrived at the awards show inside a coffin wheeled along by her team of stylists and not content with the controversy this caused; in a scene which could have been taken from an Alien vs Predator film, she was then carried down the red carpet inside a giant egg.

Catch all of the red carpet action and pre telecast ceremony at The Grammy Awards at www.grammy.com/live


[SNAPS] Lady Gaga poses nude for Purple Magazine by wearesme

Never one to shy away from controversy, having previously posed in nothing but a bikini made from raw meat; Lady Gaga poses nude for a spread that can be found in the Spring/Summer 2011 edition of Purple magazine.

The images were shot by renowned photographer Terry Richardson. Check out the revealing snaps of Gaga in nothing more than a wet t-shirt and heels below:


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[SNAPS] The Nicki Minaj London Lookbook by wearesme

Nicki Minaj has been causing chaos all week in London as she embarks on several PA’s promoting her album ‘Pink Friday’.

Nicki was due to make PA’s at both Oceana in Watford and Runway in the West End, however the later had to close their doors due to safety concerns caused by the sheer volume of people who turned up.

If that wasn’t enough; Nicki was then kicked out of the Dorchester hotel because they could not handle her excitable Barbz, some of which camped outside to get a glimpse of their idol.
She therefore relocated to another Hotel and went on to host a ‘Pink Friday’ party at Studio Valbonne on Friday night.

Nicki is never one to shy away from the papz and loves to cause a stir with her crazy cool outfits, and this week was no exception. Check out her London looks below:


[SNAPS] Black History Month – Nike Footware Collection in celebration of Irving, Jordan & Bryant by wearesme

The month of February is fast approaching (Christmas feels like yesterday!?) and with it comes the celebration of ‘Black History Month’ in the U.S. Here in the U.K it is celebrated in the month of October.

This year, Nike have once again released a line of footwear, this time celebrating the achievements of 3 legendary basketball players; Julius Irving, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

This year’s Black History Month Nike Air Force 1 celebrates the achievements and pioneering spirit of three important basketball players: Julius Irving, Michael Jordan, and Kobe Bryant. There was a call to greatness for all three players, a moment in time that defined their careers, and changed the course of history for the sport of Basketball. For Dr. J, it was unifying the ABA and NBA with his finesse and high-flying style. For Jordan, it was the ’87 Slam Dunk title, the one that made kids all over draw chalk lines to jump from in their backyards. When Kobe scored 81 points in ‘06, it made you question what planet he was from. Each player laid the foundation for the next to elevate the game even further.

The predominantly black upper of this Black History Month AF1 is a nod to the past, because in the early days of the sport of basketball, shoes on the court were almost always black. The hints of gold all around the shoe are reminders of the golden moment we all are striving to achieve. You’ll also find a woodblock cut print around the upper by artist Hele Woodruff, adding another chapter to the pioneer story.

With a premium Stetson leather upper, metal eyelets and accessories, gold stitching, and a clear tinted outsole, you’ll see this isn’t just your average AF1. This is a sneaker that celebrates a powerful pioneering spirit.

The release date of the line has yet to be confirmed.

While you’re here, check out some brilliant footage of Kobe and Jordan in action against each other back in ’98:


[SNAPS] Nicki Minaj covers V Magazine Spring 2011 Discovery Issue by wearesme

Nicki Minaj’s Versace dress is bursting at the seams on the cover of V Magazine‘s Spring 2011 Discovery Issue calling it her “most badass shoot to date”.

In a bizarre shoot, Nicki sports tribal body paint on one of the two covers photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. In other snaps she poses in an Emilio Pucci swimsuit over Calvin Klein briefs and a red leather jacket covered in spikes and safety pins.

The photographers obviously wanted to reflect Nicki and her split personality with her softer poses shot in black and white while the extravagant and somewhat scary snaps of her covered in tribal paint are in colour.

“I just always want to do ‘me,’ but ‘me’ changes every day,” she said on her split personality. “I would crumple up and die if I had to wake up and be the same person every day. I don’t silence those voice anymore. I just let them speak.”


[SNAPS] Nicki Minaj covers KING Magazine March/April 2011 by wearesme

Nicki Minaj is set to appear on the cover of King magazines March/April 2011 issue and talks about her aspirations of having a career in acting after she conquers the rap world.

Check out pics and an extract from the interview, below:

History has shown that acting is the likeliest transition for rappers. Considering your background, do you want to dabble in Hollywood?
Of course.

What would be your dream role?

I’d like to play someone in a Tim Burton movie, where I get dressed up and painted and crazy.

You kind of do that now.

Then I want to be able to do some action stuff, like Angelina Jolie.

Like in Salt?

Yes! And then I’d like to just play a regular girl who, you know, is facing the world. Something really sentimental and organic, that girls all around the world can identify with. You know, how Jada Pinkett Smith did in Jason’s Lyric.

Classic film. You did mention earlier how everything has been time consuming. But when that time frees up, what kind of guy do you look for to be sentimental and organic with?

Um, I look for someone who is calm, someone who is strong enough to not have to win every argument, someone who allows a woman to be her crazy self and someone with a conscience not to feel less of a man. You know, someone who is able to honor his woman but also bring out the freak in his woman.

How should your Ken bring out the freak in you, Barbie?

Just being super aggressive when the time is right.

Are we talking about Mortal Kombat–style “Come here” aggression?

Just something that makes me feel like they’re in control, when we are behind closed doors.

The Mar/Apr 2011 issue will be released early January 2011.


[SNAPS] Katy Perry covers January 2011 Maxim magazine by wearesme
December 10, 2010, 2:10 am
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Katy Perry will grace the January 2011 issue of Maxim magazine here in the UK and you can check out the the pics from the shoot below. Its not the most extravagant or creative of shoots, but Katy still looks smokin in a combination of bodysuits and knee high boots. Mmm….


SME RELOAD: Katy Perry performs at VH1 Divas 2010 Salute The Troops

[FRESH VIDEO] Theophilus London – Oops! by wearesme

For those that don’t know who this cool cat is, Theophilus London is a Brooklyn, USA based hip hop artist with heavy electro influences.
He released his debut mixtape ‘JAM!’ in 2008. In 2009 he collaborated with Machine Drum for his second mixtape ‘This Charming Mixtape’ which brought London to a wider audience. And in 2010 London released the mixtape ‘I Want You’ which features covers of classic songs, like the one we bring to you below.

In the video directed by Yu Tsai, Lindsay Lohan (yes you heard right) and her two acquaintances provide sexual visuals as they engage in a very private party over the soundtrack of ‘Oops’. There is lot’s of flesh on show and Lohan even has a cheeky line of coke during the shoot (as you do). Naughty girl!

The visuals are taken from a photoshoot for Muse Magazine earlier in the year.


[VIDEO] The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010 by wearesme

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year. No not Christmas…VS show time! The 2010 fashion show finally aired in the US yesterday and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

The theme of this years Victoria’s Secret fashion show was cabaret. The veteran angels Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks and Gisele Bundchen were joined by some of the hottest women in the world including Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Chanel Iman.

There were also live performances from Akon and the beautiful Katy Perry, who could have quite easily sneaked in with the VS girls and no one would have batted an eye lid.

Check out the full show below:


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