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[NEWS] MTV announce controversial list of Top 10 ‘Best Of The Best’ British MC’s of 2010 by wearesme

MTV tonight announced the Top 10 UK MC’s of 2010 and it certainly wasn’t short of controversy.

The panel, which included: Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson (MTV), Logan Sama (Kiss 100), Ras Kwame (Broadcaster), Charlie Sloth (BBC 1Xtra/Radio 1) Chantelle Fiddy (RWD & Mixmag), Hattie Collins (RWD), Elijah (Butterz), Stanza (True Tiger), Ara (The Jump Off) and Donatella (Flava) all discussed and voted for their favourites. However, news has leaked that the list was altered at the last minute owing to pressure from industry representatives for leaving out certain individuals; namely Chipmunk and Dizzee Rascal.

The altered list did not affect the number 1 spot, with Tinie Tempah rightfully reigning supreme after an incredible 2010, but the whole premise of the list appears to be unclear.

Does chart success determine the position? What is the definition of an MC? Is Dizzee still classified as one? And obviously, why was the list altered?
If chart position is the main factor that determines the list, it begs the question; why was Wretch 32 removed following the success of ‘Traktor’ in the UK chart?

The inclusions of Maxta on the original list and Lowekey on the revised, is a bizarre choice on both counts; neither have had any success in the charts and if you ask any grime fan they will no doubt bombard you with names of MC’s who are deemed better than the aforementioned.

The first of which would be JME, who unexplainably is nowhere to be seen. And this after having released what SME believe is the best grime album of 2010; BLAM! Any ideas? No neither do we.

None the less; MTV should be given credit for commissioning the show and as a result giving the UK Grime scene the exposure it deserves.
You could argue that it’s irrelevant who made the list as the show has sparked discussions around the country; especially on Twitter where opinions have been rife since the announcement. Artists on the list will be recognised for being there and those who didn’t make it will be the names on everyone’s lips for weeks to come.

Check out the lists below:

Orginal list
1. Tinie Tempah
2. Skepta
3. P Money
4. Wiley
5. D Double E
6. Devlin
7. Wretch 32
8. Professor Green
9. Giggs

Revised List
1 Tinie Tempah
2 Dizzee Rascal (added)
3 Skepta
4 Pro Green
5 Wiley
6 Giggs
7 Devlin
8 P Money
9 D Double E
10 Chipmunk and Lowkey (added)

*UPDATE* Click here for Ghetts new track & video in response to not making the list!


[SME Introducing] Civil Civic by wearesme
June 28, 2010, 8:30 pm
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Who? Aaron Cupples (guitar, noise) and Ben Green (bass, noise) aka Civil Civic
Yard? London and Barcelona
Signed? Unsigned
Sounds Like? Hmmm… we’re not quite sure.
Big Tune? Run Overdrive
Album? Run Overdrive/Fuck Youth available HERE. 1-EP available on iTunes.

Civil Civic first met in Australia, although Aaron Cupples lives in London and Ben Green is based in Barcelona. Yes, there is thousands of miles between them but they make it work.

What they do is create their own beats and tunes in their respective studios at home and then send the MP3s to each other. They repeat this process over and over until they get the complete song as they want it. They do, however, prefer to be called a ‘band’ because they say “it downplays their live electronic element in a way that seems ‘just’ and ‘good’ “. Once you have recognised the process they go through to create their sound, the genius of Civil Civic really comes out and you can appreciate what they achieve.

We think that the final product is absolutely genius. Both for its intricacy and its simplicity. The mix of the guitar/bass and the electro noise works perfectly together and creates music that you cant hep but bop your head and tap your feet to.
Their upcoming single Run Overdrive and Fuck Youth is the sort of stuff that will really get a party rocking. Check them out and have a listen for yourselves.


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