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SME meets Loose Talk Costs Lives by wearesme

L to R: Liam Klimek, James Rapson, Ollie Route, Greg Round

A few months ago we brought you news of the NME Breakthrough Competition, in which the winner would be given the opportunity at one of the summers biggest festivals: Lovebox.

SME are extremely pleased to announce that one of our favourite bands, Loose Talk Costs Lives made the final cut as well as making it to the final 40 of the Futuresounds competition to play both Reading and Leeds festivals. Exciting.

We caught up Liam Klimek and Greg Round from the band and had a good old chin wag…

Hello gents. Firstly, could you describe your style and sound for those who have yet to hear any of your music?

GR NME Breakthrough described us as ‘scrambled Yorkshire afro punk’ but we also try to include pop sensibilities in our music through the hooks and song structures. We aim to fuse tropical and exotic sounds with more mainstream genres.

LK My personal feeling is that we write music for people to react to, most commonly in the form of moving their feet and/or hips depending on how confident they are with their dance capabilities (laughs).  As for a style, I think it’s fair to say we were all quite happy with NME´s remark because it’s a combination of groove and angst. Perfect.

Yeah, we guess it’s a pretty accurate description too.

Its been a pretty manic nine months for you guys, you’ve come a long way since banging on some pots and pans in your uni dorm room. Can you tell us the story of the band; how you formed and when, etc?

LK Well, James (Rapson) and Greg knew each other and played together back in South London before moving up to Leeds. And, then a couple of weeks into my arrival in Leeds I met them in a bar and we started talking about City Of God and how it was all of our favourite film, then I auditioned for what was supposed to be a continuation of what James and Greg had put together in London, then a little bit later Ollie (Route) joined and we had a new band.

GR Yeah, the band started with me, James and Liam playing a few shows to our friends around Leeds. Ollie joined the band in November 2009 completing the band as a four piece. Since then we have been playing more shows and trying to branch out of Leeds.

So far it seems to be going well; you have supported quite a few well known bands recently, including Good Shoes, Chew Lips, Two Door Cinema Club and Japandroids but what would you say has been your best gig to date?

GR Personally playing the Live at Leeds music festival on the main stage alongside Wild Beasts has been my best gig to date (smiles).

LK I agree! Playing on the main stage at Live At Leeds was amazing. I think we felt as though we were justified in taking ourselves a little more seriously after that gig. Everybody reacted, smiling, dancing and blowing kisses. It was very fun.

We attended that gig ourselves and the crowd was awesome, they were really getting into it!

In the past few months it has been announced that you have made it to the final 5 of the NME breakthrough competition to play at Lovebox festival and the final 40 of the futuresound competition to play Reading and Leeds festivals. This is pretty awesome news and we would like to wholeheartedly congratulate you. How do you guys find it?

GR Its pretty crazy, we only joined the NME breakthrough community as it offered another free platform to showcase our music through. We only seriously started promoting ourselves through the page when we realized we were getting some acknowledgement from it. Getting to the final 5 is brilliant and we want to thank everyone who voted for us. In regards to the Futuresound competition we sent off one of our tracks and ended up being picked in the final 40 just from this. These are both amazing opportunities for the band, although we are up against some brilliant artists, so we have our work cut out!

LK Yeah, we ended up coming second in the NME Breakthrough competition, which we are quite proud of and would like to echo Greg’s point of thanking everyone who voted for us. Competing with your music is something that initially sounds exciting. Prizes are always exciting, even shit ones, so to be put into shortlists are great but it does also add an element of competitiveness and tension that I’m not sure is appropriate when displaying something that is supposed to be artistic. I’m undecided on the concept, but to be able to play at Reading and Leeds would naturally be fucking banging.

Fuck yeah! That would be pretty insane. But what type of set would you do? Because, you recently done a live set on BBC Radio Yorkshire, where you stripped back your music and played a complete acoustic set. Can you tell us how that came about because usually your sets are quite upbeat and all about dancing along to?

LK The rearrangements of the songs were initially put together to do an acoustic podcast which never happened, and then a couple of months later we were booked to do the BBC radio thing, so it just seemed fitting to use them. We’ve done one show stripped back since, for some friends, with an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm projected in the background. It was truly enjoyable but I think we’re going to focus on being a party band for the foreseeable.

GR Yea this was just something the other guys were experimenting with and thought it was a nice change to our usual set so I basically left it up to them. I quite enjoyed watching from the audience for once to see how we sound and act on stage. You can actually listen back to the recording on our Facebook page. It’s well worth a listen.

Good work on the Facebook plug! Finally, you recently recorded your first EP. Do you have any idea as to when it will be released? The suspense is killing us!

GR Yea we were thinking of releasing an EP but are now more into the idea of a single to test the water. The tracks are still in the mixing process after recording in Easter but will hopefully be ready for an August/September release. We are hoping to put on a release show for the single on top of this.

Wicked. Be sure to invite us. Anyway chaps, its been an absolute pleasure. Good luck with everything and we are pretty sure we will be seeing/hearing more of you in the near future.

GR Cheers.

LK Nice one, thanks.

So there we have it, the first in the ‘SME Meets’ series and we don’t think we could have started with a more talented, nicer bunch of lads. SME x


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