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[WAGWAN] We Are S.M.E Blog Party – Volume II @ Villain, Great Eastern St, EC2A 3HX – 18/02/11 – FREE by wearesme

‘Wagwan’ – Bastardization of “What’s going on?”

e.g: “Wagwan my brotha” – Courtesy of Urbandictionary.com

That’s right, its on! We Are S.M.E Blog Party – Volume II.

After the success of Volume I and the sheer demand for more, SME have decided to throw you guys another FREE party to show our thanks and appreciation for supporting our blog.


NME & AMAZON Top Festival Acts 2010 – £1 Album Download’s by wearesme

Amazon have teamed up with legendary music publication NME to bring you 10 great albums from 10 great artists who, by all accounts, did the business on this year’s summer festival circuit for the grand total of £1. Yes, one British pound!

All you have to do is pick up a copy of this weeks NME magazine, and in it you will find a code which you must enter at the Amazon checkout to get the reduction.

There are some brilliant albums in there, our favourite and recommendation is Foals – Total Life Forever.

Heres the full list:

Kasabian – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum
The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die (Special Edition)
Foals – Total Life Forever
Weezer – Hurley
Pendulum – Immersion
Rage Against the Machine – S/T
The Cribs – Ignore the Ignorant
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs
Mumford & Sons – Sign No More
The Strokes – Is This It


October 8, 2010, 6:43 pm
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Another brilliantly unique video from the Foals, this time for their next single ‘Blue Blood’, released on 8th November.

And if you didn’t catch the video for 2 Trees, check it out below. Another crazy cool creation from the Oxford boys.

Banger Of The Week by wearesme
September 17, 2010, 12:00 pm
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The Foals – Spanish Sahara (Bar 9 Remix)

This weeks track is a sick remix of a beautiful song from the Foals.

The brilliant Bar 9 who is really making a name for himself with some big remixes (see his remix of Example’s Kick Start) has given Spanish Sahara an injection of dubstep and produced this banger. Enjoy.


Foals – Miami New Video by wearesme
May 25, 2010, 1:37 pm
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The Foals have today released the video to their upcoming single ‘Miami’, taken from their immense album ‘Total Life Forever’.

The video is bizarre to say the least. It features body builders and transsexuals who confront each other football factory style (only with a little less Burberry) on a secluded street and begin scrapping, only for the fisticuffs to be diffused by some Miami gangsters in their Chevy. Confused? So are we. Its brilliant none the less.
All hail Foals.

Watch the video HERE.

SME RELOAD: Foals Leeds Met Uni Gig
SME RELOAD: Foals UK Winter Tour

[REVIEW] Live at Leeds 2010 by wearesme

Live at Leeds 2010 took place this bank holiday weekend; 30th April – 3rd May and featured around 170 bands who played at venues across the city.

It turned out to be one of the best days SME have had in a long time. We had such a laugh, ‘mouthwashing’ with J.D. and Lime whilst bopping to and from each venue, to what turned out to be some unforgettable gigs.

Here’s a summary of our favourites:

Loose Talk Costs Lives

Loose Talk finally got to play the big stage they have worked so hard to be on. Playing ‘The Stage’ at Leeds Met Uni (the same stage The Foals played on two days later), they attracted a crowd of hundreds despite clashing with The Bronx.

Sounding crystal clear, they played the best show we’ve seen to date and we had a right giggle dancing at the front with all our pals. Banging out their infectious pop rifts; Rapson looked as cool as a cucumber in contrast to his usual shy demeanour (later confessing the free booze may have had something to do with it!), Klimeks snake hips were in full throttle, while Route and Round looked like veterans on cruise control.

The stand out songs were the brilliant, fans favourite ‘Some Nice Flowers’; during which SME can never help but fail miserably trying to hit those high notes with Rapson in the solo, and the funky ‘Disco Pigs’. Smashing.

Fool’s Gold

Wow, where do we start? Our massive grins throughout this gig could probably be seen all the way back home in London; the crew from LA know how to party! Their afro beat pop had us feeling like we were in a carnival in Africa, not a club in West Yorkshire.

Armed with keyboards, guitars, drums, maracas and a beautiful sax, the six-piece (well, for tonight anyway – apparently they turn up with anything up to 15 members??) produced music that was impossible not to dance to and despite not having a clue what Luke Top was saying (he sings in Hebrew), the crowd were loving every second!
The songs went on for an age, giving a real feeling that this was a jam session and not just a repertoire of singles crammed into a strict time slot. It felt spontaneous and creative, and we felt part of it.

Continue reading

[REVIEW] Foals – Leeds Met Uni 03/05/10 by wearesme

The Foals played ‘The Stage’ at Leeds Met Uni on Monday night, capping off a sick bank holiday weekend.

Touring following the release of their brilliant new album ‘Total Life Forever’, SME couldn’t contain our excitement for hearing their new material live for the first time. And having watched our pals Loose Talk Costs Lives play the very same venue 2 days earlier, we were even more stoked in knowing the acoustics would be spot on.

The sole support act for the night were another bunch of chaps from Oxford, going by the name of Jonquil (seen in their usual gig arrangement, above). And they were just as impressive as their T-Shirt merchandise, notably an arty sketch of a dinosaur on a bed of colourful flowers. Cool.

It’s hard to give these guys a genre (maybe folk?); understandable considering the array of instruments they get through. Trumpet, flute, bass, keyboards, drums, more keyboards, keyboarded mouth organ, guitars, even more keyboards, maracas, glockenspiel, acordian….ok enough already.
Never the less, they were good. Very good. They played a series of atmospheric and melodious tracks which we really enjoyed. And from the smile on their faces, notably the chap frantically shaking the maracas, they loved every minute of it too.

Having known little about them before hand, were definitely going to be giving them a good listen and so should you.

The end of their set meant only one thing; the Foals were soon to appear. We were so excited a little bit of wee may have come out. Just sayin.

And so, they kicked things off opening with the title track ‘Total Life Forever’. This was followed by the classic ‘Balloons’ and ‘Cassius’ which really got the crowd rocking.
They then hit us with a series of shiny new numbers; it was like Christmas come early. ‘Miami’, ‘This Orient’, and ‘Blue Blood’, all of which sounded even better live than on the album, were followed by an inspiring rendition of ‘Spanish Sahara’.
Despite some premature clapping from some schoolboys in the crowd, goosebumps were visible all round as the song built to its climax. This really is a beautiful song which we’ve fallen in love with once more thanks to this performance.

The energy was high and mid way through ‘Red Socks Pugie’ Yannis launched his sweat soaked self into the crowd. Safe to say the mosh pit went nuts.
Then, having wandered off stage while the band prolonged the intro to the next song, Yannis returned with a set of drum sticks and proceeded to beat the life out of a drum throughout an extremely energetic and intense ‘Two Step Twice’ . Literally going out with a bang. It was epic.

But they weren’t done yet. After their pissed up pal (rumoured to be their artwork designer?) took to the stage, only to receive a laddish chorus of ‘who are ya!?’, the band came to his rescue and played an encore consisting of Electric Bloom, Olympic Airways and French Open.

This was the cherry, on top of the icing, on top of the cake, following an unforgetable weekend of live music and alcomohol.

Live at Leeds review to follow…SME x


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