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[Way Back When] Genius Cru – Boom Selection by wearesme

As we graced the rooftop of Shoreditch House last night to support our pal Steffie, who was on the decks, one of the other DJs dropped a big tune in the form of Genius Cru’s debut single Boom Selection. The dancefloor went crazy. And rightly so.

Released in 2000 and swiftly followed by second single Course Bruv, it peaked at number 12 in the chart (with Course Bruv only reaching 39) but it remains a classic.


[2000] Way Back When:

* PlayStation 2 was launched
* The billionth living person in India was born
* Eminem’s second LP, The Marshall Mathers LP sells 1.76 million copies on its debut week, becoming the fastest selling rap album ever


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