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[SME INTRODUCING] William Fitzsimmons by wearesme

Who? William Fitzsimmons

Yard? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

Signed? Nettwerk Records

Sounds Like? Moby

Big Tune? The Tide Pulls from the Moon

Since his first release in 2005 Fitzsimmons has written and recorded songs themed and embossed with matters of family history, intimate disclosure, and bold confession. The rich folk music, ranging from the stark and acoustic to the voluminous and electronic, reflects William’s commitment to addressing what is always pressing and yet all too often ignored.

Fitzsimmons’ path into music came at the influence and education of his parents both of whom filled his childhood home with a myriad of instruments, sing-a-longs, and theoretical instruction. However, far from being a mere pastime in the Fitzsimmons’ household music was a communicative necessity between William and his parents, both of whom being blind relied on the language of music to bridge the relational gap between themselves and a child who experienced the world entirely differently from them.

During his collegiate and post-graduate years Fitzsimmons left music behind in order to pursue a career in the mental health field; becoming a therapist was a long-held aspiration. Upon completion of a Master’s Degree in counselling he worked as a therapist with the severely mentally ill for several years. It was during the latter part of his training that he began to write songs as both a preparative exercise for his work in the psychiatric field and as a personal catharsis to deal with his own long-standing psychological maladies.

His earlier albums, homemade and self-produced, were expositions on both his unorthodox upbringing and his family’s disintegration during his youth. Their understated presentation and overt descriptions of relational and familial disillusionment met quickly and potently with listeners. Very soon thereafter, still working within psychology, William found his songs spreading broadly and being featured on international television programs including Gray’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill. However, the process of such revelatory writing and rumination was taking a gradual and heavy toll and during the making of the ‘Goodnight’ album Fitzsimmons saw most of the segments of his life begin to tear asunder.

Consequently Fitzsimmons’ 2008 release ‘The Sparrow And The Crow’ was a detailed and affective retelling of the events surrounding his divorce from his wife of nearly ten years. Written as a personal apology to her, the album was a foreboding but genuine tale of misfortune and a reconciling of the darkest point of his life and was named iTunes’ Best Folk Album of 2008. Following the release of ‘Sparrow’, William would take a moratorium from songwriting for over two years.

His new album Gold In The Shadow represents a welcomed musical departure, not from authenticity in writing, but in the field of focus. It is a return to his pre-music therapeutic passions, but with one eye now fixated on actual and optimistic change. It is ripe with personal elements, but also represents his first foray into external perspective taking; examining the lives and psychological struggles of those around him in addition to his own. It is an acknowledgement of the shadow self and the Todestrieb (Freud’s “death instinct”); but, even still and more so, an acceptance of hope.

Gold In The Shadow is released on March 21st 2011. Pre-Order on iTunes HERE.


[SME INTRODUCING] The Knocks by wearesme

Who? DJ B-Roc & JPatt

Yard? New York

Signed? HeavyRoc Music

Sounds Like? The love child of Chromeo and Cut Copy

Big Tune? Dancing With The DJ

Hailing from the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the duo of DJ B-Roc and JPatt, have earned themselves a nice following of fans through their smooth beats, cool vocals and varying styles. the pair have teamed up with some upcoming musical talent as well as remixes some of the industries biggest names, such as; Katy Perry, Passion Pit and Ellie Goulding.

So far, The Knocks have released three singles Blackout, Make It Better and the amazing Dancing With The DJ. Expect bigger and better things from these guys.





[FRESH VIDEO] Run Jack Run – East End Girl by wearesme
February 28, 2011, 8:34 pm
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After introducing you guys, the entourage, to Run Jack Run just last week; the London-based trio have now released the video to their tune East End Girl.

Having spent months waiting for Run Jack Run to release some material, they have hit us with a double whammy within a week and SME are loving the results, especially the leading ladies in the latest video. Wowzer. It’s another perfectly shot video by Rohan Blair-Mangat.

These boys are going places. Watch this space.



[SME INTRODUCING] Run Jack Run by wearesme

Left to Right: Maz, Skip, Scout

Who? Run Jack Run is a 3 man band made up of two brothers: Skip & Scout (Singers & Professional Actors) and Maz (Producer/DJ). All music is written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by RJR.

Yard? North London

Signed? It’s only a matter of time

Sounds Like? Grindie

Big Tune? Howl

Not only are SME proud to call these talented chaps our friends, but we also have the pleasure of hearing the amazing results of their new project Run Jack Run and bringing it to the entourage first.

We’ve been waiting patiently for some time as the boys worked hard on this project; desperate to hear the fruits of their labour. But being the perfectionists that they are, we knew it was going to be worth the wait and they certainly didn’t disappoint, going live today with their new website and material.

Below is their debut music video titled Howl, shot and directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat. Atmospheric, artistic, inspirational. And that’s just the video. The song draws on different emotions through Skip & Scout’s contrasting styles over Maz’s productions.

And as if that wasn’t enough, below are some more snippets of what’s to come from the band:

More Run Jack Run:
Official Website
Who Is Scout Blog


[S.M.E INTRODUCING] Chapel Club by wearesme

Lewis Bowman, Michael Hibbert, Liam Arklie, Alex Parry & Rich Mitchell

Who? Chapel Club – Lewis Bowman, Michael Hibbert, Liam Arklie, Alex Parry (guitar) & Rich Mitchell (drummer)
Yard? London, England (although individually they’re from Essex, London, Leeds and Swindon!)
Signed? Loog/Universal
Sounds Like? White Lies
Big Tune? Surfacing

Their debut album, ‘Palace’, will be released on January 31st 2011. In the meantime you can check out the brand new video for their song ‘Surfacing’ below and download their track ‘Shore’ for free by clicking HERE.

Official Website


[SME Introducing] Yuck by wearesme
November 4, 2010, 12:54 pm
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Spot the odd one out


Who? Jonny (drums), Daniel (vocals, rhythm guitar), Max (lead guitar), Mariko (bass), Ilana (vocals)
Yard? London, New Jersey, Hiroshima
Signed? You bet ‘cha!
Sounds Like? Bands of the late 1980s and early 1990s
Big Tune? Automatic

Made up of some former members of Cajun Dance Party, a bassist from Hiroshima, a drummer from New Jersey and a mystery female, Yuck is an exciting band that we are convinced are set to have a big 2011.

Anyway, we don’t want to bore you so we will just let their music do the talking, check out their Myspace page for yourself and in the meantime, you can download Georgia for free HERE.


[SME Introducing] Jamie Ley by wearesme

Who? Jamie, Matt, Jack, Elena & Bobby
Yard? London
Signed? D & L Music Productions
Sounds Like? A mash-up of Paolo Nutini, Mumford & Sons and Slow Club but more soulful and melodic
Big Tune? Suzy Sang

Jamie’s frist live show was back in December 2008 and since then he has made some very steady progress having featured on XFM’s Xposure and in magazines Dazed and Confused and The Fly. All this without having released any material. Quite a feat.

His wonderful sound could be placed in the Folk genre, but its more like Alt-Folk. With a range of talents such as playing piano, ukulele and guitar all to go with his beautiful soulful voice, we certainly think Jamie is going to be a future star.

Check out his MySpace for yourself.

Enjoy x

[SME Introducing] Stromae by wearesme
August 3, 2010, 2:50 pm
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Who? Stromae
Age? 25
Yard? Brussels, Belgium
Signed? Vertigo Records
Sounds Like? The beautiful language of French over rhythmic, infectious electro beats
Big Tune? Alors On Danse
Follow Up Single? Te Quiero (listen HERE)

Born and raised in Brussels, Paul van Haver originally appeared under the name Opmaestro. He later changed his stage name to Stromae (‘Maestro’ with the syllables switched, a practice called verlan)

He first signed to “Because Music” and “Kilomaître” in 2008 but it was in 2009 that he struck gold when Vertigo Records, a label of Mercury Records France (Universal Music Group) signed him for a worldwide licensing deal following the unprecedented success of his first single ‘Alors On Danse’.

The single was aired for the first time by music manager Vincent Verbelen on NRJ radio. The response was emphatic and the song quickly rose to number one in Belgium.

By May 2010 the track had reached number one in France, the Netherlands, Greece, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Evidently foreign music isn’t widely accepted in British chart music so sadly this banger never made it to our airwaves but it can be heard blaring in clubs throughout Europe this summer and now thanks to SME; in your bedroom, toilet, living room, etc.

Enjoy x

[SME Introducing] James Flavour / Dirt Crew Recordings by wearesme

Who? Felix B. Eder aka James Flavour
Yard? Berlin, Germany
Sounds Like? Elctro/Minimal/Tech House
Big Tune? Da Ride (Listen HERE)

Having been around the Berlin scene for several years James continues to present his own unique style of house music to club goers world wide. In 1997 he started DJing at the famous Tresor Club. His dirty and funky sets soon earnt him the reputation of one of the freshest talents of the Berlin house scene. In 2004 Dirt Crew aka James Flavour and Break 3000 launched Dirt Crew Recordings after releasing their first EP’s “Cleaning up the Ghetto Part 1+2” on MBF. The track “Rok Da House” became one of the key records of 2004, the beginning of the Electro House hype and a big hit that gave the guys worldwide recognition on the dancefloors. Due to their success they decided to start up their own label named Dirt Crew Recordings .

In the 5 years since the Dirt Crew’s inception they have mastered the art of mixing old school house, new school deep house and minimal funky techno.
The Crew are known for an eclectic taste in vinyl material that can only come from true and honest propensity to party. They’ll often throw down sadly forgotten 80’s acid cuts and chuck some old-skool breakbeats on top, just for good measure. They seamlessly weave these elements into their signature sexy, dance floor friendly, beats with an electro-esque pulse.


Sit back and enjoy x

SME RELOAD: SME introducing Teeth

[SME Introducing] Teeth by wearesme
May 14, 2010, 7:02 pm
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No, this isnt a Biology lesson. It is in fact the first of our ‘Introducing’ blog, in which we will introduce you (you would never have guessed it) to one of the lesser known bands or artists out there, doing there thang and causing a stir while doing so.

Who? Teeth.
Whom? Ximon Tayki – Electronics, Veronica So – Vocals, Simon Whybray – Drums.
Yard? Dalston, East London.
Sounds Like? “a sub-atomic turd” – their words not ours.
Big Tune? See Spaces

www.myspace.com/teethdance –


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