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[WATCH] Super Bowl XLV Commercials by wearesme

Last night saw the Greenbay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers compete in the 45th annual Super Bowl. The game was held at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas where the Lil Wayne backed Packers were eventually crowned champions after a 31-25 victory.

Such is the popularity of the Super Bowl, (last years match drew viewing figures of 106.5 million in the US alone) that advertising slots during the match are the most expensive in the world. This year, a 30 second slot would set you back no less than $3 million. WOW.

As you can imagine; with the adverts carrying such a hefty price tag, only the major companies get in on the action. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz and Budweiser compete with each other to come up with the most unique and talked about commercial. Naturally, they rope in all the celebs they can; with the likes of Eminem, P Diddy, Justin Beiber and Kim Kardashian all featuring at some point.

If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl (you missed out!), or we’re subjected to the boring UK coverage; you can watch all of the US adverts on YouTube. Just click on the link below, where you can also vote for your favourite:

Super Bowl XLV Commercials via Ad Blitz


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[SNAPS] Jay-Z Decoded Viral Marketing Campaign by wearesme

This isn’t just any book and likewise it wasn’t your every day promotional campaign either. It wasn’t just book signings, adverts in WH Smiths and features in Richard & Judy’s book club; this was HOVA.

To promote his book, Jay-Z and his team set about creating a campaign like no other. Extracts of the book were placed in weird and wonderful locations around the world, and fans were tasked with finding said extracts both in real life and through a ‘Google maps’ like feature on the book website.

They hid all 320 pages of Decoded in plain sight in 13 cities: on a rooftop in New Orleans, a pool bottom in Miami, cheeseburger wrappers in New York City, and more. Fans who found them all got a chance at two tickets to any Jay-Z concert anywhere, for life!

The book was released last week and with it the locations of the extracts. We previously brought you the Gucci jacket and the extracts found in London.
Now check out some more pictures below:

Channel 4 Twist by wearesme
November 19, 2010, 10:00 am
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This week Channel 4 launched a new interactive campaign for its viewers. Visit theire websitetwist.channel4.com and use a selection of words to construct your own sentence, which is then delivered by a host of Channel 4 actors and presenters, such as: Gordon Ramsey, Cheryl Cole and Davina McCall.

This is the first campaign that Channel 4 have carried out in four years. The best of the created ‘twists’ will appear during promotional airtime on Channel 4 within the next few weeks.

After spending hours fiddling around with all of the words and constructed all sorts of sentences we decided that we should probably share.

Click HERE to hear our message to you.


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