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[NEW MUSIC] Durrty Goodz – Battle Hype by wearesme
March 15, 2011, 1:22 am
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An 11 minute grime track from 1 artist has got the whole scene up in raptures tonight, after it was aired for the first time by Logan on his Kiss 100 show. The name on every one’s lips is Durrty Goodz.

Has he called for the whole scene? Who cares? This track is a madness! He switches the flow up so many times it will have you questioning if this really is a battle as the title would suggest; Battle Hype. Listen out for some of the familiar flows he mimics.

Props to HypeFrank


[VIDEO] Sway freestyles at Lupe Fiasco ‘Lasers’ release show by wearesme
March 10, 2011, 11:30 pm
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“Life a movie, I’m Lucas / I war with any star; can’t put me in a box like new kicks”

Sway came with FIRE at the Lupe Fiasco Lasers release show in New York and had the crowd in the palm of his hand, with this captivating freestyle.

Despite lack of any ‘overground’ recognition in the UK, Sway continues to come with consistent material and his feature on Lupe Fiasco’s new album is a massive achievement for the boy from our neck of the woods; North London. Could 2011 finally be his year? SME hope so.


SME RELOAD: [NEW MUSIC] Lupe Fiasco feat. Sway & Eric Turner – Break The Chain

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Pyro Barz Ft. Loudmouth Melvin & Postman P – #Winning (Charlie Sheen) by wearesme

The now cult figure that is Charlie Sheen, can be seen and heard on every media outlet of late, as he documents his recovery from rendezvous with hookers and an army of class A drugs. His interviews are priceless and endlessly quotable; hilarious, yet slightly unsettling.

Grime MC’s (wait for it; there is a connection here) are never ones to sleep on topics rife within the media; forever fighting to stay relevant with their bars, and Pyro Barz, Loudmouth Melvin & Postman P are no exception. The trio have released a track inspired by Charlie Sheen himself titled #Winning; Sheen’s new-found catchphrase.

Don’t be fooled by the intro made up of hilarious quotes taken from Sheen interviews; this is no gimmick. They come with a sick Hip-Hop beat and relevant, witty bars. SME take our hats off to these lads.

And for those left dumbfounded by all of the Charlie Sheen talk; here is one of his most recent interviews so you don’t feel left out. Oh and for the record; he’s being deadly serious.


[NEW MUSIC] Lupe Fiasco – Break The Chain Feat. Eric Turner & Sway by wearesme
March 1, 2011, 11:44 am
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Lupe Fiasco is popping up all over the place right now, the reason being, his third studio album Lasers is about to drop.

This is the latest tune to leak onto the internet from said album and it features Eric Turner and the UKs very own Sway, who is said to be the only guest MC on Lupe’s album. Click HERE to listen.

Team UK.



[VIDEO] Wretch 32 feat. Alex Mills – Anniversary by wearesme
February 24, 2011, 11:37 pm
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Wretch today dropped the visuals to this beautiful tune and SME’s favourite track of his to date; Anniversary. He said “It was important to have a visual for this because I believe in putting love over money as I can’t afford to be heartbroken…can you?”

The video is very creative in it’s simplicity and pulls on those heart strings. Check it out below:


[VIDEO] Ghetts – Who’s On The Panel by wearesme

Following MTV’s announcement of the ‘Best Of The Best Top 10 UK MC’s 2010’ list, SME immediately expressed our annoyance at the outcome and it looks like we weren’t the only ones who weren’t impressed…

Ghetts is one of the MC’s who controversially didn’t make the cut and it’s safe to say he wasn’t best pleased. So, he took it upon himself to make a quick new track on which he could air his dirty laundry. He even got a video shot; this guy means business!

Check out what Ghetts had to say on the matter below.


SME RELOAD: [NEWS] MTV Announce Top 10 Best UK MC’s of 2010 List

[NEWS] MTV announce controversial list of Top 10 ‘Best Of The Best’ British MC’s of 2010 by wearesme

MTV tonight announced the Top 10 UK MC’s of 2010 and it certainly wasn’t short of controversy.

The panel, which included: Joseph ‘JP’ Patterson (MTV), Logan Sama (Kiss 100), Ras Kwame (Broadcaster), Charlie Sloth (BBC 1Xtra/Radio 1) Chantelle Fiddy (RWD & Mixmag), Hattie Collins (RWD), Elijah (Butterz), Stanza (True Tiger), Ara (The Jump Off) and Donatella (Flava) all discussed and voted for their favourites. However, news has leaked that the list was altered at the last minute owing to pressure from industry representatives for leaving out certain individuals; namely Chipmunk and Dizzee Rascal.

The altered list did not affect the number 1 spot, with Tinie Tempah rightfully reigning supreme after an incredible 2010, but the whole premise of the list appears to be unclear.

Does chart success determine the position? What is the definition of an MC? Is Dizzee still classified as one? And obviously, why was the list altered?
If chart position is the main factor that determines the list, it begs the question; why was Wretch 32 removed following the success of ‘Traktor’ in the UK chart?

The inclusions of Maxta on the original list and Lowekey on the revised, is a bizarre choice on both counts; neither have had any success in the charts and if you ask any grime fan they will no doubt bombard you with names of MC’s who are deemed better than the aforementioned.

The first of which would be JME, who unexplainably is nowhere to be seen. And this after having released what SME believe is the best grime album of 2010; BLAM! Any ideas? No neither do we.

None the less; MTV should be given credit for commissioning the show and as a result giving the UK Grime scene the exposure it deserves.
You could argue that it’s irrelevant who made the list as the show has sparked discussions around the country; especially on Twitter where opinions have been rife since the announcement. Artists on the list will be recognised for being there and those who didn’t make it will be the names on everyone’s lips for weeks to come.

Check out the lists below:

Orginal list
1. Tinie Tempah
2. Skepta
3. P Money
4. Wiley
5. D Double E
6. Devlin
7. Wretch 32
8. Professor Green
9. Giggs

Revised List
1 Tinie Tempah
2 Dizzee Rascal (added)
3 Skepta
4 Pro Green
5 Wiley
6 Giggs
7 Devlin
8 P Money
9 D Double E
10 Chipmunk and Lowkey (added)

*UPDATE* Click here for Ghetts new track & video in response to not making the list!


[‘MONSTER’ BANGERS OF THE WEEK] Kanye West – Monster (Teachers Remix)/Lupe Fiasco & Sway – Monster Freestlye by wearesme
February 20, 2011, 9:40 pm
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This week the entourage gets two Bangers Of The Week for the price of one! And both of them come courtesy of Kanye West’s Monster.

The first  is a remix of the original by New York City based collective Teachers who includes M.I.A’s fella, Benjamin Brofman. Brofman and fellow band member, Eli Bush put an interesting twist on Kanye’s hit single with grimy guitar rifts, switching up the instrumentals accompanying ‘Ye, Jay-Z and Ms Minaj’s bars.  It’s likely you’ll want to hear some more from Teachers – they haven’t released much material as yet, but head over to their soundcloud page HERE.

The second banger comes from DJ Semtex’s Radio 1 show and features Lupe Fiasco, fresh from his freestlye over H.A.M, and one of our favourite MCs reppin’ Team UK, Sway. These guys give a virtuoso performance in freestylin’. Not much else to say other than sit back and enjoy.


[VIDEO] JME, Tre Mission & Shorty (London Freestyle) by wearesme

Grimes foreign import Tre Mission paid a visit to London this week and hooked up with BBK’s JME and Shorty as soon as he touched down from Canada.

Shortly before the 3 of them tore up the airwaves on Logan Sama Kiss FM show they dropped a few bars on the streets of London. Watch them moesh in the iconic Piccadily Circus below.


[VIDEO] Footsie Freestyle & Interview on Tim & Barry (Dont Watch That TV) by wearesme

“When you’re around a General / You’re only gonna end up down the general / Injured and wounded and shit”

Footsie goes in with some new bars “fresh out the lab” especially for Tim & Barry Season Series 2, courtesy of Don’t Watch That TV.

Through his gold toothed cheeky grin, Footsie also talks to Tim & Barry about what’s in store for Newham Generals fans in 2011; their new video ‘High Grade No Bush’ is out soon and there’s also an album on the way.


SME RELOAD: [FREE DOWNLOAD] Footsie – Rastaman Pickney EP

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