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[SNAPS & VIDEO] Dizzee Rascal covers March issue of Esquire (Behind The Scenes) by wearesme

Dizzee Rascal’s iconic cheeky grin graces the cover of the March 2011 edition of Esquire magazine.

To coincide with this; Esquire have released some behind the scenes footage taken from the shoot, in which Dizzee can be seen looking dapper while clowning around on set. He also tell us that he is currently working on new material with the Newham Generals.


Dizzee to judge NME Breakthrough competition by wearesme
May 13, 2010, 6:38 pm
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Following on from our last post, in keeping with the theme of unsigned talent; it was announced today that Dizzee Rascal will be part of the judging panel for the NME Breakthrough competition.

The competition sponsored by Blackberry, offers a massive opportunity for an unsigned band to play at one of the biggest festivals this summer; Lovebox.

Entrants must sign up to the website and create a profile for their band through which they can upload their music for others to listen to. The judges will be scouring through in search of their favourite band whilest NME Radar editor Jaimie Hodgson will be scouting the site for the best new bands to feature in the magazine and online.

For more info, or to sign your band out, check out the website http://music.nme.com/intro



Forget those chumps, Brown, Cameron and Clegg and their parties Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat; the real candidate for prime minister has got to be our boy Dizzee Rascal and his party Dirtee Stank!

Appearing on Newsnight following Obama’s election win in 2008, when asked by Jeremy Paxman why he doesn’t run for office, Dizzee replied “See, that’s a very good idea. I might have to do that one day. Dizzee Rascal for prime minister, yeah!”

He’s obviously just biding his time…maybe next year?

If you missed it, check out Dizzees HEAVY new track with Chase & Status here

All jokes aside, don’t forget to vote today. A vote not cast is a vote wasted and we’re really fortunate to even have the opportunity to voice our opinions, in some countries you’d be hung drawn and quartered for speaking your mind.

If you’re not sure who to vote for, have a go at one of these surveys which will give you an idea of whose policies best fit your opinions on everything from immigration to education:


If you still can’t decide, just vote for the best dressed! Going by the picture above, Dave wins hands down. God help Gordon….where’s Gok Wan when you need him?


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