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[SNAPS] Jessie J reveals ‘Who You Are’ Album Artwork & Tracklist by wearesme
January 24, 2011, 7:28 pm
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There aren’t enough words in the world to describe our love (or lust) for Jessie J right now. After she blew us away at her Scala show last week, we’re counting the days until the release of her debut album.

Moments ago she revealed the title and artwork of her album which you can see above. ‘Who You Are’ will be released on March 28th 2011. Diary noted.

1. Price Tag Feat. B.o.B
2. Nobody’s Perfect
3. Abracadabra
4. Big White Room
5. Casualty Of Love
6. Rainbow
7. Who’s Laughing Now
8. Do It Like A Dude
9. Mamma Knows Best
10. LOVE
11. Stand Up
12. I Need This
13. Who You Are

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend the show at Scala, don’t miss our review and video footage HERE.



[GIG REVIEW+VIDEO] Jessie J Live @ Scala, Kings Cross 17/01/11 by wearesme

Last night, SME and the entourage had the pleasure of seeing Jessie J’s live show at Scala in Kings Cross and with it, celebrate her Number 2 single in this weeks chart.

Getting straight to the point; Jessie was incredible. Her amazing voice filled the intimate venue, while her charisma and cheeky personality had the crowd in stitches and hanging on her every word.

So often artist (cough*Drake*cough) pad out their sets and only succeed in boring all of those in attendance. However, with Jessie we were not only treated to a vocal masterclass, but at times a stand-up comedy set. The girl is hilarious! And the best part is that it’s all completely genuine because she was born to perform.

She opened the set with Mama Knows Best and followed with Stand Up, Nobody’s Perfect, L.O.V.E and Who’s Laughing Now.

The highlight of the night however, was Jessie’s performance of Big White Room; the first track she ever wrote.
She announced that while recording her album, the perfection for which she aims has thus far eluded her on every recording of this song which means so much to her. “It’s just never felt right” she said.
So, we were treated to something very special. The beautiful performance which was about to follow, would be the final recording of the song and will feature on her album.

At her request, the crowd were silent and she gave a flawless rendition which drew goosebumps all around. Watch the performance below:

This was followed by a special appearance from our favourite Essex boy Devlin who took to the stage to perform their new single ‘Price Tag’.


[VIDEO] Jessie J performs new song ‘Who You Are’ on New York Subway by wearesme
January 14, 2011, 10:07 am
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If, like SME, you are stupidly excited for her gig on Monday night at Scala; heres something that will keep your excitement ticking over for the next few days!

In what is probably our favourite Jessie J related video yet, armed with just a boombox she performs a new song titled ‘Who You Are’ on the New York Subway. An incredible voice and a beautiful song.

“Performing is where I feel most comfortable, and I love the reaction of people,” said Jessie. “Some people might put their fingers in their ears, some people love it, some people cheer, some people leave. And it’s good, it’s nice. I like honest reactions, and that’s what I think I’m getting.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.


[NEW MUSIC] Jessie J feat. Devlin – Price Tag by wearesme
January 4, 2011, 1:47 pm
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SME love this idea…In a very clever move that will get her airtime in both the US and the UK; with the release of her next single ‘Price Tag’, you will be able to get your hands on both a version with Devlin and one featuring B.O.B.

You can check out both versions below.

Feat. Devlin

Feat. B.O.B.

SME can’t wait to see her live at Scala this month on the 17th. Let’s hope she brings our favourite Essex boy Devs with her!


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