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[NEWS] Facebook reveals UK’s most talked about topics of 2010 by wearesme

In this modern-day and age, Facebook is used as the first point of call for the majority of people when venting their feelings and thoughts. Whether its mass updates expressing content or frustration at the latest X Factor elimination (and or fix) or in some infuriating cases, every minor detail of someone’s life including how many peas they had for dinner; Facebook is the place to get yourself heard.

Today Facebook revealed the most talked about topics in the UK in 2010. This was found through their Memeology study which looked at what terms grew the most in status updates in 2010 compared to the previous year.

There are 26 million Facebook registered accounts in the UK so the findings provide quite a comprehensive insight into the sporting, TV and cultural moments that prompted national conversations. Check out the findings below:

Facebook’s top status trends of 2010

Fifa World Cup 2010

The event that captured the imagination of the nation was the World Cup, which was discussed more than three million times. Subjects that divided opinion did well, with the vuvuzela rising rapidly up Facebook’s list of popular status update phrases in 2010.


Sport was a key interest – the leading sportsperson was Wayne Rooney, whose prolonged contract negotiation led to enormous levels of discussion on Facebook. Rooney was trailed by his England colleagues Joe Cole, Emile Heskey, John Terry and Rob Green, whose World Cup calamity led him to Facebook infamy as it was discussed by thousands of people.

The X Factor

In the worlds of music and entertainment ‘X Factor’ was king. While not making it to the final, the Brazilian Wagner led other contestants, with a number of supportive groups and pages driving discussion of Wagner past that of prime minister David Cameron, despite 2010 being an election year. The next most discussed ‘X Factor’ contestants were Cher Lloyd, One Direction and Matt Cardle.


Facebook has always been a place where people share the music they love with friends, and 2010 was no exception. If a Facebook music chart were to exist without ‘X Factor’, it would undoubtably be topped by Tinie Tempah, with The Wanted and Ellie Goulding some distance behind.


Increasingly, Facebook has become a mirror that reflects the opinions of millions on popular subjects. While TV may be the way that people unwind in the evening, it is quickly becoming a more social experience. The dominance of some TV shows in 2010’s Facebook words prove how the UK is becoming a two screen nation, where people watch TV but use their laptop or smartphone at the same time to share their views about the shows with their friends on Facebook.

The TV shows ‘Celebrity Juice’ and ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ captured the imaginations of people on Facebook, while the participants in the final series of ‘Big Brother’, including John James and Josie Gibson, driving a substantial amount of discussion – no other contestants came close.

Politics and Poppies

People on Facebook didn’t just discuss music, TV and sports however – the year’s discussion was heavily influenced by more serious subjects, particularly politics and the general election.

Despite Nick Clegg’s rapid surge in Facebook support prior to the election, it was David Cameron who attracted the most attention from people on Facebook. The Conservative party led the Liberal Democrats by a slim margin, despite the Lib Dems attracting more people to their fan page during the election period.

Facebook was also used by many people to express support for British troops fighting overseas, with a surge in conversations encouraging people to purchase a poppy in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.


It is a common adage that British people talk of little else other than the weather – but despite one of the coldest winters on record, generally weather didn’t appear in Facebook discussion.

The only weather phenomenon which inspired discussion was April’s Ash Could which rapidly became one of the most discussed subjects across the platform as friends used Facebook to keep in touch as Europe’s transport network shut down. (Via BrandRepublc)


We Are S.M.E Mixtape Volume 1 (DJ TP) + Win a SME-Shirt! by wearesme

Our FREE party at Villain (East Village) this Friday is right around the corner so we thought we’d give you a taster of what to expect on the night, along with a chance to win some freebies!

We Are S.M.E Vol.1

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SME Like It – Facebook by wearesme
October 8, 2010, 10:00 am
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Noticed something strange on Facebook in the last few days?

Have most of your female friends been announcing where they “Like it”?

Well, don’t get carried away; it’s not what you think! What they are referring to is where they put their purse or handbags when they get home.

The idea is to raise awareness for breast cancer research by posting the suggestive messages with strict instructions not to let men in on the game. You may remember a similar event which involved women posting the colour of the bra they were wearing.

No one seems to know who started these campaigns but some have claimed that women have scheduled more breast cancer screenings in response. Good news!

For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness visit: http://www.nbcam.org/


Were baaack & so is Dizzee, with a lil help from Chase & Status. Heavy! by wearesme
May 4, 2010, 1:15 pm
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I trust you missed us like Shaq misses free throws. It’s a given, even we missed us.
But fear not, were back with a bang(er) to apologise (sorry, there was no time to stop for flowers.)

Our boy Dizzee Dizz has teamed up with the unstoppable duo Chase & Status for this grimey tune called ‘Heavy’, and heavy it is.

The track was played exclusively by Zane Low yesterday as part of Radio 1’s 10 hour drum & bass takeover; for which we were grateful for keeping us from falling asleep at the wheel, on long lonely drive back to London in the early hours of this morning.

We’re so glad to hear Dizzee back doing what he does best. Yes he’s been churning out hit after hit, but SME first fell in love with the rude boy from Bow who spat freestyle over Eskimo Riddim and threatened take our girl and make our girl his girl, on I Luv U; not take us on Holiday and go Bonkers.

Disgusting beat, disgusting spit. WOW.

Download: zShare


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