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[FREE DOWNLOADS] 50 Cent – Ghetto Like A Motherf***er & All About The Dough by wearesme

50 Cent is hungry again. Not in the literal sense but hungry for music and giving his fans that old style 50 material. He continues to release track after track for free download via his Twitter account and his latest freestyles in the form of Ghetto Like A Motherf**er and All About Dough are up there with the best of them.

Check out both tracks below.



[NEWS] SBTV founder Jamal Edwards profiled in the Guardian by wearesme
March 7, 2011, 1:51 pm
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Jamal Edwards, the founder of SBTV was profiled by the Guardian newspaper this week in which he briefly discussed his rise from media student to media mogul. Read the full article below.

“I’m a rebel when it comes to filming,” says Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV, an online broadcaster of music promos, video interviews and impromptu live performances from the UK rap scene and beyond. “I’ll film absolutely everywhere, without permits or anything. This is a guerrilla operation.”

We are sitting in the nerve centre of the operation: the kitchen of Edwards’s family home in Acton, west London. Waiting nearby is Tayong Azonga, a local rapper who, any minute now, will become SBTV’s next star performer.

Edwards started the channel in 2007, aged 16, after receiving a video camera for Christmas. At first, he trained the camera on his estate. “I was filming foxes in my garden. When I uploaded that, I got 1,000 views and I was like, ‘What? Let me just try something else.'”

At the time, grime music, the now ubiquitous hybrid of hip-hop and UK garage, was burgeoning. You wouldn’t find grime on mainstream TV channels – not yet – so artists disseminated videos of their work on DVD or YouTube. The space for an online channel dedicated to grime music was wide open.

Edwards started filming London rappers freestyling on the street, backstage at gigs or in the back seats of cars. The performances, delivered straight to camera without studio gloss and posted online within days, are raw and often thrilling. But Edwards didn’t want to restrict himself to local unsigned talent or the grime scene.

Recently, he and his eight-strong team have been filming the likes of Ellie Goulding, Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars. Even Justin Bieber has appeared before the SBTV cameras. “Narrow-minded people are like, ‘Ah, he’s filming all these pop stars,'” says Edwards. “But I just shrug my shoulders.”

His attitude appears to be paying off. Edwards says the channel, which makes money from advertising, has racked up 50,000 subscribers and a total of 39 million video views. Last month, he signed a deal with Sony RCA to create his own imprint within the label, and the day before our interview he was hanging out with Simon Cowell, who said SBTV was excellent. Suddenly, the bio on Edwards’s Twitter account – “media mogul” – doesn’t seem like an exaggeration.

When I ask him what the downsides are of being his own boss, Edwards says: “Everyone who works for me is older than me.” He pauses and grins. “OK, the oldest person is 24, but I’m a young boss. It’s a bit daunting telling people what to do.” His friends think his rise from borderline dropout at Ealing College, where he completed a diploma in media and moving image, to budding media mogul is “mad… just mental”. He advises other young people with similar ambitions to “chase your dream, not the competition, because looking at the competition will cloud your vision and mess you up in the long run”.

Edwards says his next step is to go to New York and “work my way from the ground to the top, doing what I did here over there”. The competition will be stiff but he’s not fazed. “I’m a rebel. I’m not scared to do anything: that’s what makes me different.”

Now it’s time to see the rebel in action. Edwards and Azonga slip off and I catch up with them in the underground car park of a supermarket. Edwards is already filming a rapper from Margate called English Frank, who rhymes with apocalyptic fury over a beat pumping out of his car stereo. Passing shoppers regard the scene with total bemusement. When English Frank drives off, Azonga opens the door of his car, hits play on the stereo and turns to face the camera. He gives a shout-out to the channel, adjusts his cap and launches into a slick, motormouth rap. In a few days, tens of thousands of SBTV viewers will see his video featured alongside the likes of P Diddy and Jessie J. When Azonga is done, Edwards reviews the footage with satisfaction. “That,” he says with a grin, “was sick.” Source: Killian Fox at Guardian

Long may his success continue and SME hope his story gives others confidence to use their entrepreneurial nouse to pursue their goals.



[SME INTRODUCING] Run Jack Run by wearesme

Left to Right: Maz, Skip, Scout

Who? Run Jack Run is a 3 man band made up of two brothers: Skip & Scout (Singers & Professional Actors) and Maz (Producer/DJ). All music is written, produced, performed, mixed & mastered by RJR.

Yard? North London

Signed? It’s only a matter of time

Sounds Like? Grindie

Big Tune? Howl

Not only are SME proud to call these talented chaps our friends, but we also have the pleasure of hearing the amazing results of their new project Run Jack Run and bringing it to the entourage first.

We’ve been waiting patiently for some time as the boys worked hard on this project; desperate to hear the fruits of their labour. But being the perfectionists that they are, we knew it was going to be worth the wait and they certainly didn’t disappoint, going live today with their new website and material.

Below is their debut music video titled Howl, shot and directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat. Atmospheric, artistic, inspirational. And that’s just the video. The song draws on different emotions through Skip & Scout’s contrasting styles over Maz’s productions.

And as if that wasn’t enough, below are some more snippets of what’s to come from the band:

More Run Jack Run:
Official Website
Who Is Scout Blog



Aged just 21, Yasmin Shahmir posseses incredible talent and is one of Britain’s most promising female artists.

Yasmin was born in Manchester and raised in Glasgow, but it was the city of London which would prove to be the turning point in her life and provide her with the exposure she sought.

Having moved to London at the age of 19 in order to pursue her DJing career, she soon received the recognition she deserved; going on to DJ for the likes of N*E*R*D, Taio Cruz and Eve.

Off the back of her success in DJing, Yasmin decided to pursue a career in singing, and went on to sign a record deal with Levels Entertainment (part of Ministry of Sound). She has since supported Example on his UK tour, featured on the song ‘Runaway’ with East London’s finest MC; Devlin and most recently went on to release her debut single ‘On My Own’ which charted at #39; an impressive achievement for a debut record. Yasmin is also currently working on her debut album with the likes of Jamie XX, Labrinth and Shy FX.

Having seen her tear of the roof dropping endless Hip-Hop bangers during her DJ set at Rock The Belles, we were eager to talk Yasmin and find out if in fact there is anything that this girl can’t do?
Our wish was granted and here’s what we asked the beautiful singer/DJ/model/superwoman. The last one on that list isn’t entirely true; at least as far as we know!


[FREE DOWNLOAD] Bubbz & Black Notez – Immaculate Conception Vol.1 (Mixtape) by wearesme
February 14, 2011, 5:52 pm
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Our pal Bubbz & The Black Notez have put together a Love mix that will surely result in the making of a few babies or at least initiate such practise (well maybe?). This bedpost rocking and frame snapping mix is put together by the sonic controller of the band Zoidy.  Check out the tracklist and download link below.


01) Dimlite ‘On the Same Picture’ Feat Elan Tamara
02) Jill Scott ‘The Real Thing’
03) D’Angelo ‘Lady’
04) Slum Village ‘Climax’ (Girl Shit)
05) Machine Drum ‘Bermuda Love Triangle’
06) Outkast – Andre 3000 Happy Valentines Day
07) 6th Borough Project ‘Slow Down Baby’
08) Celi Bee ‘Closer’
09) Storm Queen ‘Look Right Through’
10) M E ‘R&B Drunkie’
11) Donna Summer ‘Love to Love You Baby’
12) Imagination ‘Just an Illusion’ (Lindstorm Rmx)
13) Lee McDonald ‘I’ll Do Anything For You’
14) Deadly Sins ‘I Love You More’
15) Jimmy Edgar ‘Hot Raw Sex’
16) Donna Summer ‘I Feel Love’
17) Lil’ Louis ‘French Kiss’
18) Vexkiddy ‘Babystrange’
19) Silvermangle ‘My Neck, My Back’
20) DJ Rashad ‘Get it Shorty’
21) DJ Nephets ‘gettinsomejuke’
22) DJ Rashad ‘U know U Wanna’
23) DJ Deeon ‘Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya’
24) Wish/DJ Nephets ‘Popdrop’
25) DJ Assault ‘Drop Dem Panties’
26) Marvy Da Pimp ‘Gimme More’ (Juke Remix)
27) Mariah Carey ‘H.A.T.E. U’
28) DJ Slugo ‘Bounce That Shit’
29) Mr De’ ‘On The Floor’
30) Millie Jackson ‘(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right’
31) DJ Baddmix ‘Do That There’ (Jukestrumental)
32) DJ Assault ‘Ride Out’ Beatapella
33) DJ Godfather & DJ Nasty ‘Back Dat!’
34) Jodeci_-_’Feenin’
35) DJ Deeon ‘Shake It’
36) Robert S ‘Show Me Love’
37) Bjork ‘All Is Full of Love’
38) Scuba Before (after)’
39) Eprom ‘Too Fly’ (Juke Mix)
40) Ub40 ‘Don’t break my heart




[FRESH VIDEO] JME – JME by wearesme
February 13, 2011, 3:36 pm
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That guy JME is at it again. After seemingly getting bored on Twitter today JME, born Jamie Adenuga, decided to release this video for his tune JME which is taken from his Blam! album.

At midnight last night, JME – History was released, which is a collection of all his music previous to the Blam album and is available from iTunes HERE. Seeing as JME is one of our favourite MCs for his clever and witty bars, so we would highly recommend that you download it and support Team UK.


[NEW MUSIC] Wiley – Racial Banter (Instrumental) by wearesme
February 10, 2011, 10:36 am
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Wiley being Wiley managed to spark up a huge racial debate involving Jay Sean on Twitter last week and since then he has been trying to let things lay, with comments such as “every asian on my timeline with negative views go away please before i join the bnp lol”.

He then announced yesterday that he had made a new beat which he has called Racial Banter and that he would release it via is Twitter account, so here it is.

Let’s hope this kicks off a Mike Lowery freestyle-type response.


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SME RELOAD: JME – Mike Lowery Freestyle

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