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[VIDEO] The Streets – Cramming For The Exam by wearesme

Earlier today Mike Skinner released a video through his Twitter page entitled Cramming For The Exam.

In just over 3 minutes it documents Mike’s recent trip to Copenhagen and how he prepared for what was the first The Streets gig in over a year.
Not only does it offer a cool insight into his preparation for the gig; Mike is shown walking around town listening to his iPod, but it is also brilliantly shot. Check it out below.


[WAGWAN] We Are S.M.E Blog Party – Volume II @ Villain, Great Eastern St, EC2A 3HX – 18/02/11 – FREE by wearesme

‘Wagwan’ – Bastardization of “What’s going on?”

e.g: “Wagwan my brotha” – Courtesy of Urbandictionary.com

That’s right, its on! We Are S.M.E Blog Party – Volume II.

After the success of Volume I and the sheer demand for more, SME have decided to throw you guys another FREE party to show our thanks and appreciation for supporting our blog.


[News] Wiz Khalifa Announces Album Name And Release Date by wearesme

There we have it, announced on Twitter last night, Rolling Papers will be released on March 29th, which is earlier than most people will have expected but who’s gonna complain!?

If you haven’t yet got Wiz Khalifa’s mixtape Kush and Orange Juice then he would highly recommended you give it a listen to, it was definitely one of the top mixtapes from last year.



SME RELOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Exit Row

[NEWS] Razorlight Press Picture by wearesme
January 26, 2011, 12:53 pm
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So here it is. Since this picture was released Razorlight have been trending on Twitter (for those of you know don’t know what that means, basically everyone is talking about them) and not all of if – most of it, in fact – hasn’t been good feedback.

We can see why.


[NEWS & VIDEO] 50 Cent Calls Hot 97 and Calls out Q from WorldStarHipHop (WSHH) by wearesme
January 25, 2011, 1:31 am
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Twitter and the internet erupted this evening with news that the popular website World Star Hip Hop site was shut down. Shortly after, 50 Cent took to his Twitter account to say that he was responsible!

A lot of confusion followed but it appeared to have been all cleared up after both 50 Cent and the CEO of WSHH made a call to Angie Martinez of Hot 97.

50 told Angie that he was just messing around, however he did file a lawsuit with World Star Hip Hop as they used an image of his on their homepage for 2 years without his consent but he was not personally responsible for shutting them down. You can listen to the interview below:

Q, the CEO of World Star Hip Hop immediately picked up the phone to explain why WSHH went down and give his response to the comments from 50 cent. Hear what he had to say below:

Q, who mumbled his way through the interview, said that WSHH was having technical problems and the server was down, however, it has since emerged that ‘Ishatonu’, who has a popular YouTube Channel, received an email from Yahoo shortly after the site went down confirming they had “taken appropriate action” following a copyright infringement of some kind.

So, it still remains unclear as to what the real reason for them shutting down was. However if anything, it has provided some light entertainment for the evening! None more so than from 50 Cent who just released video footage of a conversation he had with the CEO of WSHH off air.

It’s safe to say that he isn’t a happy bunny and you don’t want to f*ck with 50!


[VIDEO] – The Bullitts Present The Diary Of Amelia Sparks Trailer by wearesme

Here is the teaser trailer for The Diary Of Amelia Sparks, which is narrated by Lucy Liu, stars Idris Elba and is brought to us by The Bullitts.

It is quite an interesting watch and leaves us very intrigued for what’s in store from their debut album, which is an audio movie about Amelia Sparks (narrated by Lucy Liu). Her story is dark and filled with murder, deceit and secret societies. You can follow Amelia’s diary updates through The Bullitts’ Twitter (@TheBullitts), which make for an interesting read and are most certainly not for the fainted-hearted and neither is this video.

Interesting, very interesting.


SME RELOAD: The Bullits – Close Your Eyes feat. Lucy Liu & Jay Electronica

[New Music] Best Coast – Sunny Adventure by wearesme
January 20, 2011, 2:44 pm
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Best Coast yesterday announced this new song Sunny Adventure through their Twitter (@bestycoasty) saying “we gonna play dis 1 on tourrr xo”.

It’s a right easy listening tune and has certainly got SME wishing the summer times to hurry on up. If you don’t yet own a copy of Best Coast’s debut album Crazy For You then we would suggest that you head on down to your local music shop and pick one up. It’s full of brilliant indie sounds and is a great easy-going album to listen to on a chilled out Thursday afternoon.


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