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[MUSIC + VIDEO] One Direction – Young Forever (Winners Single) & Harry whispering to Matt clip by wearesme

Had the boys got through to the final 2 we would have seen them perform their version of the Alphaville song ‘Young Forever’, which was most recently covered by Jay-Z and Mr Hudson.

So this is for all the One Direction fans who were upset that the boys didn’t win and thought they would never hear the song. Listen, download and enjoy!


And while were on the topic of One Direction…some of you may have noticed cheeky chap Harry whispering something in Matt’s ear when all of the contestants took to the stage to celebrate after his win.
Yes you saw right, he did say “Pussy”! “Just think about how much pussy you’re gonna get” to be precise! LAD!

Check out the footage below:


SME RELOAD: Matt Cardle wins X Factor 2010

[NEWS] X Factor Final songs revealed by wearesme

For the first time in the shows history, each finalist has recorded their own song instead of singing their own version of the same song.

It’s definitely a good idea, for both the artists and the competition. No longer can people argue that the song was chosen with one artist in mind and likewise the artists themselves will be happier.

Just moments ago the songs were revealed, and it wouldn’t be The X Factor without a bit of controversy. The 2 controversial choices are One Direction singing a Jay-Z and Mr Hudson’s song, while Matt Cardle tackles a Biffy Clyro track.

Check out the artist song choices and the original versions below:

One Direction – Forever Young (Jay-Z & Mr Hudson)

Matt Cardle – Many Of Horror (Biffy Clyro)

Cher Lloyd – Impossible (Shontelle)

Rebecca Ferguson –  Distant Dreamer (Duffy)

We think Rebecca’s song is going to be stunning and probably the best of the bunch. What are your thoughts? And who will you be voting for?

The X Factor Final will be aired tomorrow (Saturday) at 7pm on ITV1.


SME RELOAD: [VIDEO] Cheryl Cole ‘dad dance’ on stage with Cher Lloyd

[News] Cage Against The Machine by wearesme

Everyone remembers last years movement to get Rage Against The Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name’ to number one over Christmas, ahead of the winner of X Factor Joe McEldery’s debut single.

Well this year there is a new campaign and it’s called Cage Against The Machine.

The idea is to get John Cage’s 4’33” to number one ahead of this year’s X Factor winner. Composed in 1952, the song is four minutes and thirty three seconds of silence. The idea of this is to allow the listen to absorb and take in the natural sounds going on around them, giving every listener a different experience.

Organisers are hoping it will challenge for Christmas number one – and raise lots of money for charity in the process.

Big names such as Mr. Hudson, The Kooks, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and The Big Pink have already signed up, as well as Pete Doherty.

SME has also signed up. If you want to join us and 55,000 others then head on over to the Facebook Page to get involved.

In the meantime, you can watch a live performance of the song below.


[FRESH VIDEO] Mr Hudson feat. Kanye West – Anyone But Him by wearesme
November 29, 2010, 12:28 am
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We didn’t see this one coming….here is the new video for Mr Huson’s ‘Anyone But Him’ featuring Kanye West.

The song has been around for over a year now, so it’s quite strange that they have just decided to release a video for it.

SME aren’t the biggest fan of this track, Mr Hudson has done a hell of a lot better in the past and were not sure what the need for the auto-tune is. As for the video; having had a year to shoot it you would have thought that they could have arranged for Kanye and Mr Hudson to be in the same location for at least an hour? It’s not like it was a rush release!! Strange.

Anyway, check it out.

Judging by the abundance of hair on Kanye’s head/face this was definitely shot while Kanye was locked away from the world post Taylor Swift incident.


Mr Hudson – Angel Eyes by wearesme
September 1, 2010, 4:36 pm
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Brummie born Londoner, turned Kanye West’s best friend-er Mr Hudson goes old school on us on this new track ‘Angel Eyes’.

He covers a classic song from the legendary Frank Sinatra’s 1958 album “Only the Lonely”. Itself a beautiful and moving track, with Franks vocals stripped back over a sombre melody.

It’s refreshing to see a modern-day artist covering one of his idols and staying true to the original, as opposed to stealing a hook and turning it into a generic club banger (Flo Rida et al; please stand).
The modern beat is kept simple and catchy and could easily be mistaken for a Gorillaz track.

Listen to both versions below:

Mr Hudson

Frank Sinatra


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